BigCommerce offers B2B services

BigCommerce Offers B2B Service

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BigCommerce is expanding its current functionality with a new set of tools geared towards B2B merchants, including manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers.    

They’ve been able to develop new features that accelerate operations and growth for their business partners who need larger quantities of products organized and managed. Separate from helping companies develop their online presence to grow through digital marketing, SEO, and web design.

In preparation for the new clientele and workload, BigCommerce partnered with six large ecommerce technology companies including Apruve, Brightpearl, Bundle B2B, Nextopia, PunchOut2Go, and ShipperHQ.

With these partnerships, the company has been able to offer the B2B wholesaler (or distributor) a better way to meet the demands of buyers and separate itself from other rival companies like Shopify and Magento.

BigCommerce B2B features work by implementing a fleet of new applications that are capable of integrating directly with previous tools that were being used.

B2B buyers have progressed to expect the same level of care and customer service that B2C companies provide. With the new features from BigCommerce, B2B companies can finally keep up with the changing times.  

The only way BigCommerce B2B features can help the market is by adding a slew of new features to its already impressive catalog. 

BigCommerce B2B Service Features

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BigCommerce has used several world-class technologies from its partners to achieve success. 

Apruve – Having the ability to extend terms has been a major necessity of B2B companies and this end-to-end credit solution automates the entire process. It’s exactly what BigCommerce B2B features needed to remain competitive. Merchants can extend their credit lines over $1 million, automate invoices, and create a seamless credit approval process.

BrightPearl – For organizational purposes, B2B owners prefer storing information in a central hub rather than outsourcing to multiple platforms. With BrightPearl, an award-winning retail operations platform, owners can access their financials, inventory, purchasing and fulfillment, warehouse, returns, and logistics all from one place. 

Bundle B2B – To open up enterprise-level features for modern B2B buyers, Bundle B2B delivers corporate account management, quick order forms, custom catalogs, and custom pricing for specific customer segments.

Nextopia – The world of personalization has made its way into B2B services and Nextopia helps buyers receive highly individualized consumer-grade shopping experiences. B2B buyers can get personalized product recommendations, guided navigation, and website search capabilities. 

PunchOut2Go – Specialized to help with e-procurement, PunchOut2Go reduces the cost and complexity of e-procurement data translation. It also automates order processes and supports thousands of e-procurement integrations. 

ShipperHQ – Able to handle some of the more complex shipping challenges, Shipper HQ is the world’s leading storefront shipping management system. It gives BigCommerce B2B merchants a seamless shipping experience with rates and options flexible enough to meet any client’s needs.

These technologies added to the already large number of services offered by BigCommerce show that the ecommerce platform sees the growing trend in the B2B market. 

How Does The New BigCommerce B2B Service Work

When a B2B seller is interested in working with BigCommerce, there will be a monthly enterprise fee that needs to be paid. 

The fee will be determined based on the monthly order volume, value, and level of tech support needed. Every company’s needs are different, so the B2B seller will need to reach out to BigCommerce to receive a direct quote.

BigCommerce does provide enterprise-level security to protect businesses from malicious online attacks. They have one of the best uptimes in the industry at 99.99% and even offer an optional SLA for assurance and confidence. 

By leveraging the new technology they have partnered with, BigCommerce is able to help B2B merchants in a number of ways.

Merchants will be able to reduce their costs by providing customized shipping rates from ShipperHQ. 

For up-to-date statistics, sync BigCommerce data with any third-party tool in your ecosystem thanks to the API that receives over 90% of data.

One-click tools like quote generation, user permissions, and re-ordering all give merchants a chance to create more efficient workflows and easier processing. 

BigCommerce B2B Features Help Merchants

BigCommerce is bringing direct-to-consumer customer service to the B2B merchants everywhere with their line of B2B features. B2B sellers have the potential to reach new customers, learn how their customers shop, create personalized shopping experiences with business management software and gain access to improved analytics. BigCommerce simplifies the process of moving B2B merchants online via their selection of efficient third-party applications. From customized pricing to automated invoices, B2B buyers and sellers have an easier way to get what they need thanks to BigCommerce. 

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