BigCommerce Review

BigCommerce is one of the most popular, successful, and robust ecommerce platforms on the market. The program is widely regarded as one of the top shopping cart solutions in the industry: BigCommerce competes with the likes of Magento, Shopify, and Volusion. The software solution boasts a large roster of successful companies it helped build online stores for. So how does BigCommerce actually fare in terms of usability and features? Should you believe all of the hype? Read our BigCommerce review below to find out.


Among the top competing ecommerce platforms, none are easier to use than BigCommerce, except possibly Shopify. With BigCommerce’s navigable and intuitive interface, it is incredibly easy to set up a store fast, even for those with relatively little technical knowledge. What’s more, despite the simplicity and ease of use that characterizes BigCommerce’s software, the program also offers deep customization options if you need to dig deeper. The program strikes a perfect balance between user-friendliness and advanced customization. If you need a unique website design that goes beyond the basic templates, there are plenty of customization tools available for you to venture out with. Next in our BigCommerce review we will discuss the many features the program offers.


BigCommerce has a huge toolbox of features available for a fair pricing scheme. The program offers many useful tools for building a great-looking online store geared for conversions: automated photo gallery creation with a great photo zoom feature, mobile support for shopping on mobile devices, automated inventory control and a flexible returns system, 1 page checkout, multiple payment options, an abandoned cart saver system, fully hosted stores, import/export thousands of products at once, product search, third party accounting program syncs, and easily-customizable site templates.

Other features worth mentioning in our BigCommerce review are the shipping and marketing tools available. Shipping is simple and easy: BigCommerce has international shipping support so you can ship to customers all over the world. BigCommerce also has plenty of great marketing tools to make use of to get your site exposure. For SEO, it is easy to customize title tags and meta tags. Also, the program is integrated with Google Website Optimizer and Google Analytics, and offers full business intelligence reports for analytical information. BigCommerce offers social media support, as well as email marketing integration with programs like iContact and MailChimp. The program also offers tools for generating coupons, discount banners, and gift certificates.

The only drawback to BigCommerce is that it offers limited basic template designs that are fairly plain. If you really want a unique, great-looking website, you do have to spend the time to get to know the customization tools. Its design integration needs some work as well. However, all things considered, BigCommerce pretty much has it all.


Given the top notch usability and wealth of features that BigCommerce offers, we think BigCommerce is one of the best ecommerce platforms on the market and is well-deserving of its reputation. This is one of the most powerful, useful ecommerce solutions available and we highly recommend it. If after reading our BigCommerce review you decide to give the program a try, consider enlisting the services of Coalition Technologies. We have extensive experience building online stores with BigCommerce and can maximize your investment in the software. Give us a call today at 1-310-827-3890 for a free quote.

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