BigCommerce Store Design:

Coalition is excited to launch ANOTHER BigCommerce website this week.

This client was a previous BigCommerce store but had a very drab, text heavy website that left customers uninspired, and ultimately contributed to high bounce rates, low time on site, and low conversion rates. We’re all about improving those numbers so we went to work on a new design that improved on key areas of visual and user experience that are known to improve each of those important metrics.

LA Project Manager William Stinson teamed up with designers Hiren Patel and Cliff Wong to get the look and feel just right, while maintaining the marketability of the site for client. Achieving a balance between design and sales is an important factor when picking your website design company, regardless of how capable the platform you’re working on.

William did a great job- notice the prominently placed contact form at upper left (a known ‘hotspot’ for the web users’ eye focus) and the simpler navigation and text processes. Cliff and Hiren helped take those key elements and added in a well laid out primary content zone with livelier colors and a more personable appeal that is aimed at BirkMeds’ diverse demographics.

I know the client was very pleased with the results and we’re ecstatic to see another great site set sail.

Check out these before and after shots:

BirkMeds BigCommerce Website new Bigcommerce website design

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