BigCommerce vs Volusion

BigCommerce vs VolusionBigCommerce and Volusion often come up together in discussions about hosted shopping cart solutions because neither one charges their merchants with transaction fees. This is a plus for a lot of ecommerce businesses, since running your online store will cost you pretty much the same thing every month, regardless of sales. These steady expenditures make it more convenient to financially plan your business. When deciding between BigCommerce vs Volusion, the truth is that they are relatively comparable services, and they both work great. Your choice will depend on what features your business needs the most.

What BigCommerce Does Better

BigCommerce has better looking store templates that make it easy to create something well-designed using their simple drag and drop interface using BigCommerce vs Volusion. Additionally, there are a few tools like social media toolbars and YouTube integration that are more easily inserted into your store using BigCommerce than using Volusion. BigCommerce also can generate an abandoned shopping cart report, which can help you better understand your business. This report will show you whenever someone fills a shopping cart but doesn’t check out, and helps you figure out when and why this happens.

What Volusion Does Better

In a match with BigCommerce vs Volusion, Volusion has been around a lot longer, meaning that Volusion has had a lot more time to establish its stability, which is really important when selecting an online shopping cart. Not to say that BigCommerce isn’t stable, but Volusion has been in business for more than ten years. This time means that Volusion has also developed a better customer support system and better tutorial for using their various features. Volusion also provides the ability to send email newsletters to customers without having to export email addresses and set up a separate mailing service as you do with BigCommerce.

Things Both Services Do Well

While customizing your site takes a bit of practice using both of these shopping cart software solutions, it is a big plus for many people that you never have to work with PHP, CSS, HTML, or any other programming language. This means that you don’t have to hire another person to handle website building because you don’t have the specialized knowledge. Additionally, both services assign you to a personal consultant who is always there to help you with whatever issues come up.

When considering BigCommerce vs Volusion, you’ll definitely end up with a satisfactory shopping cart system whichever way you go. Each platform makes certain things easier. If your priority is sending out email marketing to get repeat business, Volusion may be the more convenient choice. If you’re really concerned about having a sleek, modern layout but aren’t a design whiz, BigCommerce makes that easier. It’s really all up to your individual ecommerce business.

As an ecommerce agency, we work with all kinds of ecommerce businesses to provide branding and design assistance as well as search engine optimization to help you attract business. Whichever way you go in choosing between BigCommerce vs Volusion, Coalition Technologies can help you capitalize on your choice.

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