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Many of you who follow our blog on a regular basis noted that we recently were honored by BigCommerce as a chosen Development and Design Partner. We’ve been working with BigCommerce for several years and have successfully helped in the creation of over 200 BigCommerce stores. That’s a lot of experience and a lot of ecommerce businesses making a great decision for their futures.

Why do we choose BigCommerce? Why are we such big fans of their product and shopping cart development?

Because they share in our core, founding principle- if a website looks great, that’s great. But if it can’t be found in search engines, and if doesn’t promote sales and revenue increases, then its nothing more then a piece of art that sits on a wall (or monitor screen).

A website that looks good but doesn't sell is only good for hanging on the wall.
Want this to be your website? No? Big surprise

Three years ago, Coalition was founded by one of our country’s top SEO experts, Joel Gross. He built the company on the notion that the search engine marketing expertise that was available for major Fortune 500 companies should also be available for small and mid-sized business. There was no reason that web design companies could go on charging for SEO and PPC but never delivering high quality, high ROI results. So he started Coalition. Our LA web design company remains the only web design company that was founded by an SEO expert and the only one that emphasizes search as a major part of web design and web development.

BigCommerce has a similar set of values to Coalition Technologies. One of the major features and benefits to the BigCommerce website development is the emphasis that they put on SEO in their standard formatting. BigCommerce retained SEO expert Aaron Wall to advise on the ins and outs of building an ecommerce site that effectively marketed its products in Search Engines such as Google and Bing.

Aaron Wall advised BigCommerce on proper SEO implementation
BigCommerce used Aaron Wall to make one of the best SEO platforms available.

That’s a huge plus to every BigCommerce web development client- right off the bat you have a leg up on the competition just because of the way that your shopping cart is built. IF that doesn’t make you feel like you made a great decision, not much else will.

When you take the capabilities of a BigCommerce website, and then mix in the knowledge and capabilities of Coalition Technologies website design and development team you get way out in front of your industry.

So how does the Coalition Technologies website design process work?

  1. First we get to know your business, your industry, and then make recommendations for your project. Why do we take that as a first step? Why don’t we simply quote you for the bare bones, lowest price web design or SEO package? Because it may not do you any good. Think about it- in most highly competitive ecommerce industries, there are hundreds if not thousands of businesses that want to be number one and want to have the chance to sell to every customer. A basic package may be useful, but it may not generate ROI. In the end, if we do just what you ask and not what you need, you’re out some money, and are no better off. By analyzing your business, and the industry that you’re in, we are able to come up with powerful suggestions that will leverage your position to make you a better ecommerce sales site. When we’re done you get the results you wanted, from the efforts we implemented.
  2. Now that we have a clear plan of action we go to work on designing your website. First we start with a round of comps or wireframes. These are essentially full images that explain and give indicators for navigation, purchase processes and content areas that we would use on your site. They give you a demonstration of styles, emotions, and branding that potentially could help your business grow. Our focus is always on the ecommerce aspects of the process- sales and marketing best practices are with you every step of the way. We’ll provide advice on modern web usage statistics and expectations, but we encourage you to help inspire the design.
  3. Once you’ve given us sign off on your design of choice we go into development phase. You won’t hear from us as frequently as you’re used to but we do provide ongoing status updates to keep you posted on the growth and development of your site. After a couple days, or a couple of weeks, depending on the BigCommerce store site complexity, you’ll have a chance to review and carry out final testing. Generally this is an opportunity for you to tweak the content and your preferences, as well as get familiarized with the BigCommerce CMS.
  4. Oh, the joy of launch day! Its a great feeling for both our BigCommerce web developers and you, our client. Its a day that will undoubtedly change the way that you approach business forever. And that might seem like a grandiose statement full of trumped up claims, but in reality, for Coalition Technologies’ website design clients, its a fact. Even more so when we custom designed BigCommerce for you.
  5. After the site is up and live its time to start ramping up the marketing efforts. Coalition is there to smoothly transition you from development into full steam ahead. With our expansive knowledge of both your business and SEO we’re able to immediately start generating important and revenue viable traffic to your new BigCommerce store. Over time we’ll continue to help you gather new clients, retain old ones, and gather more strength to push you to the front of your industry vertical.

We’re excited to have the chance to partner with BigCommerce and we’re even more excited to have the chance to partner with you. Contact us today to get a better understanding of our past successes and experience, and learn how we can help you on your particular project.

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