BigCommerce Website Design-

Another quite beautiful BigCommerce website is going live this week-

Coalition was really pleased to have the chance to work with such a great product and management team. Whenever we get the opportunity to work with a company that has a clear design and brand, and the management team is willing to interactively work with our designers as we customize and tailor the visuals so that they meet best practices for conversions and usability, we know we’re going to love the results.

Invisi-sole is a pretty brilliant product in and of itself- using a small applicator, you can selectively place an invisible comfort layer on your shoes. In demonstrations and testimonials I’ve seen, they’ve been used on the straps of high heels, on sneakers, and on dress shoes. There really doesn’t seem to be a limit to how they can be used. And best of all, everyone loves the comfort afterwards.

Invisi-sole is in a market that typically is not too web savvy and gets text heavy in an effort to deliver information. But, with Coalition’s help, Invisi-sole is able to take that information, deliver it in a user friendly format, and avoid bogging down their clients with a bland website that makes their unique product, look like another also ran. We’re confident that this site and company will see a great deal of success online for two reasons: 1- the product is brilliant and works remarkably. 2- the ecommerce site is developed by Coalition Technologies.

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