BigCommerce Website Launch- Huggrz!

Coalition Technologies recently had a great opportunity to partner with Huggrz, a unique brand with a great idea.

Huggrz has a really exciting concept- take your basic, shearling or sheepskin boots by Uggs and then wrap them up in something more fashionable. Uggs makes a lot of money by selling different comfortable, cozy boots in different styles but they’re often enough to break the bank if you tried to keep up with each release or trend. So Huggrz allows you to use a less expensive way to achieve the same amazing looks. Their Uggs boot wraps give you dozens of different looks that go with nearly every boot color and outfit style.

Their design team is very attentive to fashion forward trends and are constantly updating their product lines to include things to compliment the looks that will be big for this fall. One of the big trends is knit boots and woven boots and Huggrz already has styles available for immediate purchase on their new BigCommerce website.

If you’re a big lover of the comfy boots offered by Uggs or Bearpaw, then you should definitely check out Huggrz new website and find out how you can easily expand your looks with fashionable boot wraps and boot accessories.

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