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What Is An SEO Audit?

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Whether they’re running a business, purchasing something, connecting with friends and family, or just surfing the internet for entertainment, people are spending more and more time online. With many aspects of life adopting a quicker pace, people’s attention spans are becoming shorter, especially when it comes to processing information through search results. This is why it’s important for a website rank high on a search results page. More importantly, the website itself should function smoothly with no glitches or errors. This is what an SEO audit is for.

Search Engine Optimization

What an SEO audit does for a website is crucial. Search engine optimization is the strategy used to bring a website to be one of the first to come up on the results page when a certain topic or term is searched online. Using algorithms and programs, companies like Bing and Google determine a website’s relevance and importance, determining the amount of exposure a certain website will receive. As such, many companies spend an abundance of time, energy, and money making sure their website and its content are fully SEO-ready.  

What Is An SEO Audit?

One of the main benefits of an SEO audit is the feedback on how well the website is working and if a visitor can use the website without experiencing setbacks or errors. An SEO audit will show any major or minor errors the website currently has and reveal mishaps like missing titles, broken links, empty meta descriptions, redirected pages, and broken images, just to name a few. It also enables a person to check the relevancy of keywords and make sure the content doesn’t come across as spam. By being able to determine what isn’t functioning, action can be taken to correct errors, increasing website rankings on search engines.

Who Needs An SEO Audit?

seo analytics

Although SEO audits should be done for anyone looking to improve their rankings on a search results page, it is especially important for businesses and companies aiming to promote their brand and attract and keep new customers. According to CPC Strategy, more than 80% of people who use the Internet have purchased something online, and the trend for online purchases continues to rise. In order for businesses to grow online, performing an SEO audit is necessary. 

Frequency Is Key

Because taxes and financial reporting are mandated by government agencies with strict deadlines, entrepreneurs generally follow regular schedules for financial analyses and tax preparation. However, businesses looking to increase their traffic and revenue online should also be concerned with the frequency of their SEO audits. As with other reports, we recommend performing SEO audits on monthly, quarterly, or every six months. SEO takes time and strategic implementation in order to yield solid organic increases in search result rankings. While dramatic gains won’t happen overnight, it’s important to maintain a routine when it comes to monitoring wins and opportunities for growth. This is why it pays to invest in an SEO specialist or outsourced expertise from an agency. 

Contact Coalition Technologies To Learn More

An SEO audit is what will contribute to a website that ranks highly while maintaining user-friendly features and content. When you identify strengths and weaknesses within your website’s technical and on-page elements, you’ll be able to hone in on what your potential clients and customers are looking for. If you’re interested in growing your business online but don’t know how to get started, we’re here to help. Contact Coalition Technologies at (310) 905-8646 or send us a message for a consultation today. Together, we can create a long-term strategy for your company’s success online. 

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