Carrying SEO Value When Migrating Off Magento Go

The news has probably reached your door by now: Magento Go will be shutting down for good on February 1st, 2015. Each and every user of the Magento Go e-commerce software will have to make a decision to switch to a new shopping cart service before that date.

Although simply having a smooth software transition when migrating off of Magento Go is certainly important, there’s another important thing to consider when migrating to a new service, and that important thing would be SEO.

The Value of SEO in General

First off, SEO as a marketing function can be one of the most valuable assets to your brand as a whole. Search engine optimization is an important thing to have a solid handle on, especially for smaller-scale retailers who want to maintain and build a brand both online and offline.

Outside of wanting to switch over your online store and migrate to a new service or program for e-commerce in the easiest and smoothest way possible, wanting a transition that is well-received by the almighty search engines should arguably be just as important to you as an online storefront.

A Well-Optimized New Shopping Cart

People all over the world are searching for things. They’re searching for their next clothing purchase, their searching for a new hair stylist, they’re searching for a local pizza joint to try, and so much more. At all times of the day and with no breaks in activity, the search engines are pumping out a ton of search data.

You want to make sure that your online store maintains its solid standing with the search engines through transitioning into a new program or service. In some cases, the service you migrate to might lack in SEO features, and as a result the searchability of your store will be affected. This is definitely something you want to avoid.

Choosing the Best Option

There are options for e-commerce services out there that have a reputation for SEO with online storefronts. Bigcommerce (with whom we partner) offers a wealth of advanced SEO features, and is working with Magento Go customers to establish a smooth transition from the old platform. This means that you can keep your store up and running without interruption, which is essential for SEO maintenance. .

There are other options aside from Bigcommerce, of course, such as Shopify. But in the case of selecting Shopify vs. Bigcommerce, Bigcommerce will serve you much better in the area of SEO.

Another option that can be of benefit to more tech-savvy retailers out there is Magento Community, which is the open-source arm of Magento e-commerce solutions. Community allows the user to tailor their online store with SEO exactly how they want it. In order to get the most from it, though, you’re going to need an intermediate understanding of back-end web development.

Need More Help?

Don’t worry. We can help: We partner with Bigcommerce and Shopify and have extensive experience with the Magento lineup of e-commerce solutions. Contact us and let’s figure out what your specific needs are: SEO, web design and everything else that comes with running a business online.

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