Chic Studios School of Makeup Joins the Coalition Family

Chic Studios School of Makeup Joins the Coalition Family

Coalition Technologies is excited to introduce one of our latest client acquisitions: Chic Studios School of Makeup. As you might assume by the name, Chic Studios is a renowned makeup school with locations in Los Angeles, New York City, and Denver. Anyone who wants to become a makeup artist would be wise to look into this incredible academy!

More About Chic Studios

Chic Studios School of Makeup is fully equipped to turn passionate makeup enthusiasts into professionals. The school offers fantastic courses that include detailed hands-on instructions from top makeup artists. Each class has 16 students or less, ensuring that you receive the attention required to really hone in on your craft.

After graduation, Chic Studios continues to support its alumni, providing access to hiring fairs that include huge names like Sephora, Ricky’s, NYX Cosmetics, Ulta, and more. Additionally, alumni are granted access to exclusive networking events such as Coachella, Generation Beauty, and BeautyCon.

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Chic Studios School of Makeup had a goal of growing their business by 20 percent. Our team is confident that we’re going to be able to exceed the school’s expectations. If your company is ready to grow, we’re fully equipped to make that happen. Whether you need SEO, PPC, marketing, or website design, our expert team has the experience, technical knowhow, and resources to make your vision come to life.

Give us a call now at 310-928-6472 to speak with one of our friendly representatives or send us a message and we’ll respond via email quickly. Boost your bottom line by partnering with the industry’s leading experts.

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