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Mobile website design is no longer just a good idea. It’s becoming essential for online businesses in the 21st century. As the founder and president of a successful Los Angeles mobile website design company, I have closely monitored the trends for years, and it’s becoming increasingly apparent every day that businesses can no longer thrive without mobile-friendly web development.

Recent trends have demonstrated the growing demand, now more than ever it’s critical to have a mobile responsive site. Mobile internet traffic, according to Forbes, is accounting to over 57% of all online US traffic and projected to increase drastically in a few short years to come.

Do you operate an online store? Then you need a site that’s optimized to accommodate the more than 72 million mobile shoppers out there. Conversion rates are directly related to user experience, which means that if you want to achieve the maximum revenue, your site must appeal to all types of visitors, no matter how they access your content.

Going Mobile

If a potential customer accesses your website from a mobile phone, a tablet or even an iPod, what do they see? Does the website look exactly as it would look on a 17-inch computer screen? If so, you have a problem. Desktop-optimized websites are frustrating to navigate on a mobile device, especially when visitors must browse products, fill shopping carts and enter personal information. Simply bouncing from one side of a webpage to the other can be a tedious task, and this will hurt your bottom line.

One solution is to develop a mobile website, separate from your primary desktop site. Major companies like TMZ, eBay and The Los Angeles Times offer mobile-friendly layouts that are much easier on the eyes and fingertips. Users can easily navigate from page to page and access interactive content without constantly have to zoom in and out. Each image, each block of text and each drop-down menu is fitted especially for the mobile device, and the on-page content is scaled down to allow for a less crowded user experience on the smaller screen.

At Coalition Technologies, we build mobile websites for businesses large and small, guaranteed to provide a more pleasant experience for customers who access your site on the go. As one of L.A.’s premiere design and development firms, we like to remain on the cutting edge of new technologies. That’s why we take things one step further than mere mobile integration, by offering our customers the latest in responsive design technology.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is the happy medium that exists between desktop sites and mobile sites. Rather than having to develop separate layouts, responsive design automatically adjusts itself according to the screen size and resolution. The layout is designed on a mathematical grid, rather than using the traditional pixel method. So whether the site is presented on a computer screen, a netbook, a tablet or a smartphone, the layout is perfectly arranged for optimal viewing.

At Coalition Technologies, our expert developers and designers and specialize in building websites with responsive design. It is the ultimate way to ensure that every one of your site visitors enjoys a positive user experience. And best of all, it all happens with a single layout, saving you time and money.

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Coalition Technologies is a Los Angeles mobile website design company that specializes in mobile web development and responsive design. Just tell us what you need and we’ll work with you to implement the perfect plan for meeting your business goals and maximizing your revenue. Call us today at 1-310-827-3890 to receive your free quote.

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