Coalition Announces SEO Partnership With Leap of Faith Boutique

Coalition Announces SEO Partnership With Leap of Faith Boutique

Coalition Technologies is excited to announce our new partnership with Leap of Faith Boutique! At just under a year old, Leap of Faith has already made exciting strides in the world of fashion, boasting a strong consumer following dedicated to their purveyance of chic, affordable women’s clothing. We’re excited to see where this young company goes from here and even more excited to help them get there.

About Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith Boutique was built on the premise that having a stylish wardrobe shouldn’t have to come at a bank-breaking price. This boutique caters to a wide range of contemporary looks with styles, sizes, and colors to fit any mood or occasion. Their inventory includes everything from fun sweaters to formal skirts, at prices to rival many department stores. Based out of Athens, Georgia, Leap of Faith is a strong brand that’s only poised to grow stronger.

Our Work With Leap of Faith

As part of our campaign with Leap of Faith, we’ve worked to help them better leverage their various social media channels to connect with visitors and drive sales while building their forward-thinking brand. We’re also working to help them grow their backlink profile, increase their search engine rankings, and gain exposure through multiple marketing channels. We’re very excited by the progress we’re seeing already.

Get Started With Coalition

Coalition Technologies helps institutions and entrepreneurs alike achieve their goals every day. We have an established track record of success with SEO and marketing and have come up with specialized strategies to help countless businesses across a myriad of industries.

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