Coalition Checks Into Thrust Hostels for Custom Dev Work

ThrustCoalition Technologies is thrilled to be working with an up-and-coming company that offers hostels catered to the LGBT community. Based out of Fort Lauderdale, FL, Thrust Hostels is the first hostel chain of its kind, and is poised to revolutionize the way that people think about hostels. Currently, Thrust Hostels is enlarging its funding for this fabulous venture, and we were more than happy to help the company with improving its web presence.

About Thrust Hostels

Thrust Hostels aims to take the stress out of business or leisure travel. The company plans to offer group activities, tours, and other excursions so visitors can meet some friendly faces. The exceptional staff provides a welcoming experience from the moment a visitor checks in until they leave. Thrust Hostels is committed to safety and security, while still providing visitors with a cultivated and yet, unique and boisterous place to stay. The company has already received considerable interest from investors, and we believe our website design is going to help boost those numbers even higher.

Why Investors Are Excited

Thrust Hostels is a fantastic investment opportunity. The company plans to be profitable within the first 6 months of opening, and the business model is structured so that it can scale higher, with the potential to go global. The company plans to use an innovative web design that changes the way that hostels and hospitality businesses operate, and the company also has a strong focus on sustainability and environmental conscientiousness. The hostels are going to be chic, while still remaining affordable. Thrust Hostel aims to be much more than a place to stay – it is a company that nurtures diverse community growth.

The Website

The first phase of this project was to create a single page site to showcase what the company has to offer, and to make it easy for investors to support the company. We used the WordPress platform and a GoFundMe page, and created a site that is highly engaging, with the convenience of being able to stay on one page. Scrolling down the page reveals additional information about the company, and the changing images solidify the friendly and fun atmosphere provided by Thrust Hostels. The second phase was to build a mobile prototype so Thrust can explore additional avenues of investment seeking.

The End Result

The client is absolutely delighted with the website design and development work. We were able to provide a functional website that serves its purpose in style, and we were able to meet our launch deadlines without issue. After all, every second counts when it comes to seeking out investors. Working with Thrust Hostels was a pleasure, and we wish them tremendous success as they transition from a vision to a reality.

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