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Coalition Delivers a Site Makeover for YUNI Beauty

There is nothing more important in life than health and happiness, and YUNI Beauty aims to deliver both with their organic body care products. By combining fitness with eco-conscious living, the founders at YUNI Beauty set out to provide versatile beauty supplies, specifically designed to inspire mindful living and deliver powerful benefits.

Natural, Conscious Living

As certified Ashtanga Yoga instructors and former marketing directors for Estee Lauder and Aveda, YUNI Beauty founders, Emmanuel Rey and Suzanne Dawson, understand the importance of balancing the mind and body. They focus on the tenets of Modern Convenience, Everyday Pleasures, and Anchoring Moments to infuse their products with enhancing and therapeutic treatments.

The YUNI Beauty line consists of products that are designed for those who embrace the active lifestyle and need on-the-go products to maintain energy and stay refreshed. YUNI Beauty works to expand their presence among yogis, fitness enthusiasts, and all others who lead athletic lifestyles.

With Our Help

yuniAfter an in-depth report on the company’s current operations, marketing strategies, and website design, Coalition Technologies found opportunities to increase sales revenue and customer retention based on YUNI Beauty’s impressive collection of body, skin, and hair care.

Maximizing YUNI Beauty’s ability to reach their ideal clientele, Coalition Technologies proposes to enhance their existing website by optimizing their pages for SEO, improving their search engine rankings, and capitalizing on building links and garnering widespread exposure. As “Seekers of Good,” YUNI Beauty has already been featured in influential magazines, such as Vogue, SHAPE, StyleWatch, LA YOGA, and InStyle.

By implementing BigCommerce as their new platform, making systematic site improvements, and launching a powerful PPC campaign, Coalition plans to initiate a comprehensive strategy to generate powerful results and ensure YUNI Beauty’s success.

group exerciseHealth For Everyone

Though YUNI Beauty is just starting their journey, Coalition Technologies expects to see a triumphant rise in their popularity. With our branded campaigns, thorough strategies, and expert team leading the way, YUNI Beauty will excite new customers and help make the world a better place.

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