Coalition Designs Website to Showcase Dan's Elite Products

Coalition Designs Website to Showcase Dan’s Elite Products

Dan's Elite Products

We’re excited to announce the recent launch of the website we created for Dan’s Elite Products. This simple yet highly effective BigCommerce site makes it easy for potential customers to browse the company’s wide assortment of products. Our goal was to facilitate an enjoyable online shopping experience, allowing Dan’s Elite Products’ low prices and quality items to speak for themselves.

More about Dan’s Elite Products

Following a healthy dose of success on Amazon and Ebay, it was only natural for Dan’s Elite Products to create an eCommerce website showcasing the company’s extensive inventory. Dan’s Elite Products partners with many suppliers to provide a wide variety of top-quality products at competitive prices. The company offers everything from musical instruments to bulk emergency food, battery/jump starts, and much more.

Dan's Elite ProductsWe Recommended BigCommerce

We decided to go with the BigCommerce platform for the Dan’s Elite Products site. Our web design professionals are well-versed in HTML/CSS. Since BigCommerce is excellent for accessing and editing both languages, we were able to maximize technical and aesthetic aspects of the new site. As a 5 star rated BigCommerce partner, Coalition is proud to be affiliated with a supportive web platform that encourages growing businesses.

Opening an Online Retail Store

Amazon and Ebay already have comprehensive  shipping and payment option, so it was up to our team to make these essential features available through Dan’s Elite Products. We also utilized S Loyalty to create a point-based rewards program allowing Dan’s customers to earn discounts on future purchases. For promotion, we strategically implemented banner ads to attract potential shoppers.

Dan's Elite ProductsThe Website Design

Since the company offers such a wide variety of products across multiple industries, we opted for a neutral, understated theme. The website is modern, elegant, and extremely user-friendly. Amazon and Ebay simply don’t allow the kind of clear and concise navigating that customers get from this site. We also made it a point to make the website equally responsive on mobile phones, tablets, and computers.

The End Results

We’re excited to say that Dan was thrilled with the new website, made possible through our creative skills underscored by regular communication through each stage of the project. As an added bonus, we were even able to finish the website ahead of schedule, giving Dan’s Elite Products a head start to grow and evolve.

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Understanding how critical online presence is for today’s businesses, we strive to provide a level of quality that is truly unparalleled. We work closely with our clients to ensure results that are not just satisfactory, but exceptional. If you have an idea, we can make it a reality. Our team has the technical skills and creative vision to elevate your web presence to new heights, so call us at (310) 905-8646 for a free consultation. Give your company the competitive edge by partnering with Coalition Technologies today.

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