Coalition Gets Innovative With Smokit

Coalition Gets Innovative With Smokit

Coalition is proud to welcome Smokit to our growing roster of partners. With a focus on sleek and discreet design, the Smokit has all the qualities it needs to become the new standard in anywhere, anytime enjoyment for smoking enthusiasts.

While many “dugout” products exist on the market, they’d be hard-pressed to match the Smokit’s compact design, which not only provides the usual hitter and dugout but also a plethora of built-in tools. While no more than three inches in total length, the Smokit unpacks into a comprehensive set of tools. Featuring a V-Syndicate stainless steel grinder card (which doubles as the lid for your storage compartment), copper poker tool, and serrated-tip bat-style multi-hitter, it is a marked improvement on the usual one-hitters available at specialty shops. Grade-A medical silicone lines the inner container for concentrates, and the entire unit, when packed up, fits into a dedicated storage unit of its own. Smokit packs all of that into your pocket, allowing for discreet enjoyment almost anywhere. In fact, the pack is so small it can be slipped into a specialty shoe sole like the one Smokit sells on their website.

While many dugout-style products feature an earthy aesthetic, Smokit’s steel-and-black aesthetic and precision-machined accessories speak to modern boutique design philosophy, adding to both its visual appeal and its discretion. Smokit’s design philosophy is about enjoyment on-the-go while maintaining your privacy. Lastly, the Smokit’s compact size puts it in its own league for convenience: a pack of cigarettes takes up far more space than the Smokit.

While already establishing a name for itself in the market of all-in-one smoking kits, the Smokit itself is a relatively new player in the market. Developed over five years by inventor Nate Ackerman, the Smokit won early praise at design competitions before entering production, and that initial success has allowed them to expand their line to include glass pipe options, larger kits, and cigarette-style multi-hitters.

With that initial success, and confident in the quality of their design, Smokit has reached out to Coalition to help them realize the visibility their compact little product so richly deserves. We’re delighted to be working with such an inventive team and look forward to seeing what future collaborations will bring.

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