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Coalition Helps Best Babie Put Their Best Foot Forward

Having worked with Best Babie in the past, we were delighted when they recently reached out to us to update their website. At Coalition Technologies, we’re known not only for what we do but why we do it, and creating an outstanding web presence for exceptional companies is one of our passions.

A Bit About Best Babie

Best Babie is a favorite among parents and retailers geared toward infants and young children, with the latest tech and fresh, innovative products for child care and safety. As a highly regarded premium online retailer, their top-tier lineup runs the gamut from expertly designed infant carriers, clothing, tech, and much more.

A Cutting Edge Approach for a Cutting Edge Company

Best Babie is known for their commitment to innovation, and this has been a major connection for us at Coalition Technologies. Recently, the company has begun a major transition geared toward collaborating with retailers, expanding their business into an entirely new arena. To address this significant shift, we focused on a strategic restructuring of their site, designed to provide maximum impact and ease of use for both retailers and independent consumers.

Our suite of structural and design changes included template upgrades, making the site mobile-responsive, which boosted their online visibility and gave Best Babie a competitive edge.

We also created a mandatory log-in panel, and composed script for a simple, user-friendly online order form. Additionally, we created streamlined and accessible online options for custom shipping, payment processing, and easy, straightforward returns.

The Results of the Redesign

We are extraordinarily pleased with the outcome of this project. Ultimately, we were able to successfully maintain the look and feel of the site while providing a much needed update to its appearance and functionality. By helping Best Babie to put their best foot forward with a unique aesthetic, we were excited to play a role in the site’s increasing visibility, overall appeal, and company success.

Presenting the Best of Your Company with Coalition Technologies

At Coalition Technologies, we take genuine pride in working with brands and companies to create a unique, authentic online presence capable of moving companies forward in the marketplace while staying true to their identity. To learn more about our cutting edge methods, or to enjoy a free consultation with one of our friendly, knowledgeable web experts, we invite you to give us a call at (310) 907-7823, or click here to send us a message through our online contact form. We offer the highest degree of expertise and custom services in all aspects of web development, and look forward to helping you create the ideal presentation for your company.


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