Coalition Jumps Into the Ring With Boxing Brand

Coalition Jumps Into the Ring With Boxing Brand

Coalition Technologies couldn’t be happier to announce that we’re beginning a new branding project with BoxUnion! Offering a fitness regimen that’s as accessible as it is intense, BoxUnion brings a unique and exciting flair to the world of fitness programs, and Coalition is excited to help them shine.


BoxUnion is a group fitness class that touts a fun and thorough 45-minute boxing workout to the rhythm of music. Located in Santa Monica and Los Angeles, BoxUnion is not only an excellent way to get fit but also teaches real boxing fundamentals in its classes. You’ll learn how to throw real punches against their bags and even how to execute combos!

Boxing is by nature an intimidating and rigorous sport, but BoxUnion looks to open it up to the world by making it accessible without watering it down. We believe there’s astonishing potential for growth in this brand, which can captivate everyone from trained athletes to retirees looking for a change of pace from the gym.


Coalition Technologies is always looking for the next breakout brand to bring to the world. Give us a call at (310) 907-7949 or send us an email for your free consultation. You’re just a click away from SEO success.

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