Coalition Launches Shopify Store for Patio Growers

Coalition Launches Shopify Store for Patio Growers

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Coalition Technologies is excited to announce the launch of a new Shopify store for Patio Growers, an online indoor plant store that sells watering systems for indoor plants. Patio Growers is known for its unique Artesian Growing System, which waters plants from the bottom up using a unique float valve that shuts the water off when it reaches a high water level, allowing the system to drain before it fills again.

Our Project

Don Stewart, the owner of Patio Growers, approached us with the goal of creating a budget Shopify store for his invention to reach his target audience. He also reached out for support with Shopify marketing and SEO for his plant care website to boost his online visibility. 

While this was a budget build, a lot went into the development of the Shopify store as well as the marketing and SEO activities to help his online indoor plant store thrive. Some of the key work that went into this project to see it through to completion included: 

  • Linking to Patio Growers’ social media profiles, including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. 
  • Integrating an SEO-friendly blog into the Patio Grower website. 
  • Optimizing the shopping and checkout process, which includes adding a single page checkout for increased conversions, integrating advanced promotional tools like coupon codes and discount codes, and developing a Shopify shopping cart. 
  • Integrating a platform-supported, email marketing service. 
  • Creating a responsive design for Patio Growers’ online indoor plant store. 
  • Installing an SSL certificate, creating an accessibility page, setting up the store account and product option/attribute sets, and other miscellaneous activities. 

The project began by setting up Google Analytics and creating a blog featuring explanatory content on the new invention. Despite some minor setbacks, we were able to successfully launch the new store. Moving forward, we’re focused on developing the market, raising awareness around Don’s unique product, and providing customers with the insight and information they need to learn more about Don’s invention on his plant care website!

Need Help With Your Ecommerce Store? Get Started With Coalition Technologies!

Don’s indoor plant online store is just one of the many projects that we’ve launched (we have plenty of case studies that you can dive further into to get an idea of what we do and what results you can expect from working with us). We are an industry-leading digital marketing company, and we provide small business owners like Don with support for everything from ecommerce SEO to ecommerce web design. We go above and beyond for our clients, regardless of the challenges, to bring their vision to life. With our support, developing and marketing your online store is much simpler!

Are you ready to get started on your online store? Browse our website to learn more or contact us so that we can learn more about how we can grow your business!

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