Coalition Meets Sydney So Sweet

Coalition Meets Sydney So Sweet

Hold onto your tutus: Sydney So Sweet is Coalition’s newest client, and they’re here to change the game with fun garments for girls that are priced to appeal to all walks of life. Sydney So Sweet is a rising star in the children’s clothing market, and we at Coalition couldn’t be happier for the opportunity to help them break the next barrier!


Sydney So Sweet makes cute and comfortable clothing for girls and toddlers, and customer service is at the forefront of their brand’s philosophy. They offer unique, eye-catching designs at prices that can beat out most any department store, and they pride themselves on fast and free shipping to boot! They also produce garb for special occasions like birthdays and holidays, and have a series of fun collections in constant rotation. Sydney So Sweet spares no details in making their shopping experience as enjoyable and affordable as possible.

This is a brand that has a huge amount of potential for deep attachment between them and their customers. Giving your child a special look at a low price is a parent’s dream come true, and even as children outgrow their clothes, positive word-of-mouth and precious memories connected with these clothes will keep the brand sterling in the minds of its customers. Between their natural appeal and our unbeatable digital marketing strategies we think there’s no limit to how far Sydney So Sweet can go.


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