Coalition Partners with Cashback Loans for a Stunning New Site

Many people live paycheck to paycheck, applying most of their earnings towards necessities and lacking the financial flexibility for small luxuries or unexpected bills. To assist local communities, Cashback Loans has established a growing network of stores, each with a welcoming environment and well-trained, friendly staff to provide payday, car title, and installment loans to hardworking Americans.

Founded in 2003, Cashback Loans has expanded their presence throughout the Southern California region, with over 30 locations in Los Angeles, Orange County, and the Inland Empire.

cashback loans storeEasy, Fast Loan Processing

Cashback Loans hopes to expand its reach in order to provide accessibility, easy application, and fast processing to anyone who wants a short term loan. Available for in-store loan services, as well as online and phone loan application and processing, Cashback Loans services their customers even when they are unable to visit a store. Additionally, Cashback Loans seeks to branch out into check cashing, pawn loans, and gift cards.

Open seven days a week with recently extended hours, Cashback Loans strives to offer its services to every working American. With streamlined financial services and swift loan approvals, Cashback Loans has an experienced team that can help clients get in and out with their loans in minutes.

Working with CT

To aid in their business endeavors, Coalition Technologies conducted a thorough analysis of the Cashback Loans website, with an emphasis on their PPC strategy and SEO practices. Currently, we see an opportunity to improve their website navigation and copy optimization.

The Coalition Technologies team suggested restructuring the website and adding new pages, along with improving and optimizing content for traffic-driven keywords. We also plan on finding more effective solutions to their PPC campaign and creating innovative ads.

Financial Stability

financial agreementWorking with Cashback Loans helps provide Coalition Technologies with a unique perspective into the successful operations of the loan industry. We look forward to partnering with Cashback Loans in a way that allows us to grow their business and implement new and successful strategies.

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