Custom Programming and Development for an Anonymous Client.

Anonymous Content is a Los Angeles-based production and management company, whose influence impacts every aspect of the media landscape. The company focuses on the careers of directors, writers, actors, and comedians in feature films, television, commercials, music videos and more. Along with their clientele, our friends at Anonymous Content have built an exceptional reputation for themselves in the entertainment and advertising industries.

Whether signing a commercial producer or engaging in social media, Anonymous Content is continually growing and expanding its client offerings. But in order to demonstrate and reflect this growth, Anonymous Content needed to make some serious adjustments to its website.

Anonymous contacted Coalition Technologies back in March of 2012, as they were looking to implement a custom project management tool as an add-on for their website. This would allow them to support a national and international team with a common web application and database. After providing an initial consultation on server and IT requirements, we were able to help them define the feature set, user experience, navigation flow, and design of their new and improved website.

For the scope of the project, we built a custom PHP & Ajax-driven application that allows Anonymous Content to create new users with varying permission levels, update their entire project list with contact information, status dates, personnel, participating companies, and more. The site was developed to provide mobile friendly responsive layouts, as well as custom reporting exports that can be downloaded or emailed. Visitors will also find custom tutorials, search functions, and more.

In order to make the project a success, Coalition had to process a significant amount of data. In addition, we needed to perform a migration of data from a non-digital / non-organized format to a viable web database. There was also the training of involved personnel from Anonymous Content, creation of help documents and tutorials, etc to be done in order to make the project according to the specifics requested by the client.

The project was an astounding success and we feel privileged to have worked with Anonymous Content. If you’d like to check out their site for yourself, visit

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