Coalition Partners with LMDP, Maker of Luxury Hair Enhancements

La Maison du Papillon is a french term, meaning “House of the Butterfly,” and just like a beautiful monarch, LMDP is spreading its wings and taking flight across cyberspace. French translations aside, La Maison du Papillon may just be the next big thing in women’s hair styling. This New-York-based company is bringing its unique luxury hair enhancements to the entire world, and with affiliates in Europe and Africa, that’s not an exaggeration.

Coalition Technologies is proud to be partnered with LMDP, because these hair retailers are passionate about providing consumers with only the most natural, stylish and authentic hair enhancements guaranteed to please even the most discriminating fashionista. We worked with Kwasi Osei, the founder of K.O. Media and the husband of LMDP’s founder, who had already designed the company’s website and wanted to implement his design on the Big Commerce shopping cart platform.

Like many web designers and companies, Osei was dissatisfied with the standard Big Commerce templates and wanted us to custom code the navigation menus for the store to match his vision. We initially suggested switching to a typical Big Commerce layout for the sake of usability and easy customer navigation, but Osei had a clear-cut vision in mind, and so we met the challenge and helped him to bring that vision to life.

In addition to implementing the Big Commerce shopping cart, we also custom coded the (Be)Service page, which allows women to custom order various types of hair pieces and hair extensions. We even customized many of the finer details, like the social media icons, receipts, the checkout page, and the LMDP TV page.

Like any web design project, our efforts were met with certain challenges. For instance, we designed some stylized drop-down menus and other accents that proved to look fantastic in some browsers, but horrible in others. As a result, we encouraged Osei to amend the site layout wherever these types of conflicts occurred. A clean design is absolutely essential to ensure the greatest number of conversions, and in the end, we managed to put together a clean, attractive and user-friendly finished product.

Like any good designer, Osei was absolutely meticulous about the details, including fonts, image resolutions and subtle design elements. LMDP is his wife’s company, after all, so making the website “just good enough” was definitely not an option. Despite all of the challenges that arose in trying to rebuild an existing design around the limitations of the Big Commerce platform, our team proved absolutely masterful in getting the job done. In addition, it has been a pleasure working with Osei, who is not only a very talented designer, but also a very cool guy.

Now that the company is fully open for business, you should check out La Maison du Papillon for your own hairstyling needs, or perhaps to shop for someone you love.

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