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Coalition Presents a New Marketing Strategy to Jewelry Packaging Box

Jewelry has been a vital part of fashion and art for centuries. In today’s world, it often plays an important role as a symbol of love and commitment. While most people only see the end result of a jeweler’s hard work, this industry requires a number of supplies and tools to create and display quality work.

Founded in 1978, Jewelry Packaging Box carries supplies and packaging to provide everything a jeweler may need. They supply presentation boxes and containers, gift bags and pouches, display cases, stands, and racks, and protective shipping and packaging cartons. They also carry essential tools and supplies that every artist, jewelry designer, and jeweler needs in order to smoothly operate their business.

jewelry giftExpanding for a New Market

As one of the most reliable suppliers of jewelry packaging and tools, Jewelry Packaging Box markets towards Etsy vendors, eBay and Amazon merchants, and small boutique shops. Now, they’re hoping to increase their marketing efforts and find new industries into which they can channel their services.

While they already have loyal customer bases that purchases wholesale supplies regularly, Coalition Technologies suggested that they direct their energy into including wedding clientele into their campaigns and advertisements, as wedding planners and hosts can benefit from the wholesale prices and versatile supply when creating favors, decorating venues, and exchanging gifts.

Re-optimizing their SEO practices, keywords, and content towards the current and new customer base requires Coalition Technologies to promote their products to wedding websites, introduce long tail keywords to their copy, and create original copy in an attempt to establish Jewelry Packaging Box in a new niche market.

jewelry stand The Importance of Content and Copy

While there are no major challenges that stand in the way of Jewelry Packaging Box’s success, the number of unique items available and the constantly changing inventory makes it crucial that the content is updated and improved.

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As we learn about each new client, we develop new strategies and techniques best suited towards the industry and its clientele. Because Coalition Technologies partners with such a large variety of markets and businesses, we’re constantly evolving and enhancing the work we do to meet the unique needs of each client.
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