Coalition Puts the Finishing Touches on Bdellium Tools’ Website

We are excited to announce our recently completed work for Bdellium Tools. Hailing from Cerritos, California, Bdellium Tools manufactures and sells quality, handmade makeup brushes. We were thrilled to partner with a business that puts so much care into its products, and we wanted to create a website to match that passion. We recently custom built and launched the Bdellium Tools website, and we are very pleased with the results.

More About Bdellium Tools

Bdellium Tools creates top-of-the-line makeup brushes using a balance of natural and/or synthetic hair. Each brush is carefully handcrafted to meet the needs for which it is designed, which means adjusting the form and stiffness accordingly. The company currently sells 7 different product lines, each with its own unique features and purposes. If you need innovative makeup brushes that that are designed in-house, we highly recommend Bdellium Tools. The company also develops custom brand names and products for larger clients.

Our Work with Bdellium Tools

We custom designed the Bdellium Tools website using the Magento eCommerce platform. We wanted to build a website that doesn’t distract from Bdellium Tools’ unique products, while still remaining pleasing to the eye. The website is highly responsive, and we took additional steps to ensure that the site translates to mobile devices. The result is a website that looks fantastic and responds very quickly on computers, tablets, and smartphones. We were able to successfully launch the website before our expected launch date.

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