Audaz Watches

Coalition Creatively Restructures Audaz Watches’ Website

The world of luxury watches is a competitive place that’s full of historic brands and impressive Swiss manufacturing. For a company like Audaz Watches, breaking into this industry requires a bold strategy that will bring their name into the spotlight and unveil their latest designs.

Audaz Watches encourages luxury watch enthusiasts to experience a world of modern sophistication and timeless style. They strive to design watches for the urban man that encompass the rugged resilience of the wild while maintaining the contemporary style of men’s fashion. Unsurpassed attention to detail and original designs are the focal points Audaz Watches emphasizes to launch their brand into the luxury watch arena.

A New Brand, A Bold Approach

tattooed manAudaz Watches came to Coalition Technologies for help with their inauguration. Strictly an eCommerce company, they’re striving to create trust within the watch industry with both individual consumers and large retailers.

We suggested many site improvements that would help convey the reliability that Audaz Watches offers, as well as a new approach to site content that would give Audaz Watches an authentic, sophisticated aura.

There are several obstacles to overcome in the initial months of a company launch, as branding takes time to establish. Currently, there have already been great improvements made to the Audaz Watches website, including new content and a visual restructuring for a more creative approach.

audaz watchWorking With Coalition Technologies

Progress can often be slow when working to increase the visibility and online presence of a new company. While we assess the development of a company’s campaign on a monthly basis, providing analysis of organic traffic, sales revenue, and customer retention, there is often no drastic change for the first few months of a campaign.

As a marketing firm, we’re familiar with the lull that occurs while working on the creation of a company’s distinct identity. However, in time, the vast majority of the clients that Coalition Technologies has worked with has seen a drastic rise in their profits and sales.

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