Coalition Teams Up with American Coil

Coalition Teams Up with American Coil

american coil websiteWe are excited to announce our completed website for American Coil. While the average person is probably not familiar with coils, they are essential components in air conditioners, heaters, and plenty of other household items. American Coil has been a leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial coils since 1995, and they also apply anti-corrosive coatings. The team here at Coalition is thrilled to be a part of American Coil’s long and continuing history.

american coil productMore about American Coil

American Coil is not your average coil manufacturer. The company specializes in custom coils that often can’t be procured anywhere else. Specialized applications that may require coils from American Coil include airplanes, trains, skyscrapers, oil rigs, overhead doors, refrigerators, and freezers. The company is known for their excellent customer service, and the prices are competitive, especially when you consider the high quality standards that have made the company so reputable.

Our Work with American Coil

American Coil contacted us because they required a website optimized for conversions, and our goal was to create a website that will be used mainly for generating leads, rather than focusing on e-commerce. We decided to go with a WordPress build for a responsive site that is very SEO friendly. As soon as you go to the American Coil website, you are treated to a fantastic custom animation that is highly memorable. The site also features a floating button for lead generation.

american coil productThe Website Design

Because lead generation is the focus of this website, we wanted to make sure that the most important information was clearly laid out for the visitor to see. The company wants potential customers to be aware of their lead time, price, fit, and quality, so we made sure to clearly illustrate those attributes on the home page. The newsletter signup on the front page also makes it easy for potential customers to connect with American Coil. We believe that this highly navigable website is going to be a powerful lead generation tool for American Coil.

Choose Coalition Technologies for Your Web Development Needs

Here at Coalition, we are passionate about web development, and it shows in our work. Our combined years of experience allow us to create custom designs for businesses, or we are also capable of bringing your unique vision to life. We believe that excellent communication is the key to successful results, and we encourage you to call (310) 827-3890 for a free consultation. Boost your online presence with Coalition Technologies.

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