Coalition Teams Up With Versatile Outlet

Coalition Teams Up With Versatile Outlet

We’re practically going out of our minds with excitement here at Coalition Technologies over our new partnership with Lunachick! Lunachick offers a wide range of boutique clothes and apparel at prices comparable to your local department store. Coalition Technologies is thrilled to be able to help them reach a wider customer base.


Lunachick has been in business for almost a decade, founded by owners Laura and Greg in Pennsylvania’s Lower Gwynned Township. They sell trendy items at reasonable prices, and while their current market skews towards teens and tweens, they’ve been able to satisfy a maturing demographic as well.

Lunachick is also heavily involved in charitable works, starting the Lunachick Scholarship for senior high school girls in 2017 as well as donating to a variety of local and international nonprofit organizations. They have a firm grassroots following and worthy ideals, making them an appealing proposition for brand expansion.


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