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Coalition Teams with American eLiquid Store, Unveils Responsive Design

Electronic cigarettes look almost identical to traditional cigarettes, but the differences are enormous.
E-cigarettes emit water vapor rather than smoke, which eliminates the secondhand smoke risk and
presents a far less toxic experience for smokers. Electronic cigarettes can be enjoyed with or without
nicotine, and they can be used again and again.

American eLiquid Store is more than just a seller of electronic cigarettes. Their products are all about
providing consumers with a fully customized e-cig experience. In addition to electronic cigarettes,
the company sells more than 30 flavors of eLiquid, including varieties as diverse as tobacco, cherry
and cheesecake. The company even sells DIY kits that enable you to create your own flavors. You can
also customize the amount of nicotine and choose a preferred base liquid (either Propylene Glycol or
Vegetable Glycerin).

The company contacted Coalition Technologies because they needed a custom site design with
strong SEO value. They already had a basic template on the BigCommerce platform, but they needed
something more professional and eye-catching, while still maintaining the ease and usability of the
BigCommerce shopping cart.

We not only provided them with a sleek custom site design; we used cutting edge responsive design
technology to ensure a positive user experience across multiple platforms, including desktops, laptops,
smartphones and tablets. We went so far as to create custom designs for desktop browsers, tablet
browsers and smartphone browsers. Responsive web design is still a young technology, but it is
becoming increasingly desirable as more people surf the web on multiple devices.

The American eLiquid Store website is our first complete responsive design project on the BigCommerce
platform, and it required exhaustive testing. The results were well worth the effort, though, and we
have even ported the responsive design to the company’s WordPress blog.

The site now enjoys tremendous success, and our relationship with American eLiquid Store continues as
we work to constantly maintain and improve their SEO value.

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