Coalition Teams with Design for Stroke to Make a Difference

Design for Stroke

Sometimes we get the opportunity to be part of something big, and working with Design for Stroke was definitely one of those times. This online shop was created to bring awareness to pediatric stroke, provide donations to the Children’s Stroke Foundation, and give customers a chance to own unique products from designers of all trades throughout the US. As you can imagine, we were absolutely thrilled to work with a company that is making such a difference in the lives of children and their families throughout America.

More about Design for Stroke

Design for Stroke is a company that was started by Eva Ottosson, and is based out of Temecula, California. The idea stemmed from a combination of Eva’s love for the United States, her passion for beautifully designed handcrafted products, and her desire to help children who have had a stroke. When customers purchase products from Design for Stroke, they earn donation dollars for the Children’s Stroke Foundation, a percentage of which is donated in the customer’s name. Being able to buy wonderful products while making a difference in the lives of others is truly a refreshing business model, and we wish Design for Stroke continued success as they move forward.

The Website Design

We wanted to give Design for Stroke a website that feels both homey and modern at the same time. We recommended using BC as a platform, and we were given complete creative control. The fact that we were able to create a website that required no revisions speaks volumes about the creative Coalition team. We completed the project within the designated timeframe, and we are very pleased with the results. The website is responsive, informative, and it looks great to boot.

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