Coalition Teams with Sports Fever, a Major Sports Retailer

Are you ready for some football? Sports Fever is the largest licensed retail sports chain in California, with 16 retail stores and an enormous product line that covers almost every team in the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL and NCAA. So when Sports Fever reached out to Coalition Technologies to build their website, we knew that the experience would be challenging but rewarding.

We designed and developed the Sports Fever website using the BigCommerce platform. With over a thousand different products to list, our developers needed a strategy to properly categorize and upload everything. The development was a major success, but we’re perhaps most proud of the design. Our designers worked tirelessly to create a layout that’s every bit as visually stunning as it is professional.

BigCommerce is very flexible when it comes to custom design and development, so our team had little trouble customizing every facet of the Sports Fever website. We needed a layout that truly reflects the company’s brand while projecting a sense of authority to customers. Together, our designers and development team accomplished just that.

With a very short turnaround time, we were able to completely build the site from the ground up, with user-friendly navigation, a streamlined checkout process, social media integration, detailed product pages, and effective marketing tools like wish lists and coupons. We even developed a fully-functional store locator with driving directions, search functionality and visual display. The Sports Fever website is now open for business and taking orders.

So whether you’re a San Diego Chargers fan, Boston Red Sox enthusiast or Oklahoma University alum, you can find all of the jerseys, shirts, hats, blankets, and other memorabilia that you need to cheer on your team. Check out to see some of Coalition’s latest design and development work, and shop for top quality athletic gear and accessories.

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