Coalition Technologies & Aerial Finance Company?

Coalition Technologies, (we’re a Los Angeles web design firm), was recently presented with the opportunity to design a web site and a custom application for a financial group that handled backing for aerial technology development.

Its always fun to have the chance to address these types of challenges- three or so different fields, several different business models and target demographics, and a deadline to figure it all out in.

What do we know about aerial technology? Not much. Can I tell the difference between a Boeing 747 and a Cessna or a Piper Cub? Absolutely. Can I tell you how the different fabrication elements and electrical components differ from one another? Absolutely not. Do I know what the major navigation equipment manufacturer is for most of our modern jets are? I do now.

During the course of creating our proposal we were able to study up on the various aerial technology elements that our client was interested in backing financially, who the major players were, and where they operated out of. Once that was all said and done we had to look at the potential customer’s business model- how did they generate revenue, what was their conversion rate, and how much their average closing was worth to the business.

After that was all done, we still had to do our own jobs. Come up with branding for our customer, talk through the various website design elements that influenced their company image, and then look at building a custom site application to help set them apart.

What a fun job.

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