Coalition Technologies and TalentPop Work Together to Help Businesses Grow

Coalition Technologies and TalentPop Work Together to Help Businesses Grow

As businesses scale new frontiers, they’re often confronted by a new challenge: sustaining that expansion with the requisite business and support processes. A big part of this is quality customer service to drive satisfaction and recurring purchases.

Coalition is pleased to announce over a year of collaboration with TalentPop. TalentPop offers tailor-made, on-demand customer service options for all kinds of retail and ecommerce brands. 

By providing vetted, trained support talent, they let you focus on business growth, while ensuring your customers are kept happy. Here’s how TalentPop helps your brand improve customer experiences and build loyalty.

Level Up Customer Support With TalentPop

Customer support is critical to business success in any industry. 90% of Americans take customer service into account before deciding to do business with a company. And as many as 80% would switch to a competitor after more than one bad experience. 

TalentPop helps you deliver consistently top-notch experiences for your stakeholders, across channels. They’ve worked with over 500 of the world’s leading brands, including Microsoft, Amazon, Visa, Uber, Airbnb, AT&T, Netflix, and more. 

TalentPop service comparison

If you’re growing rapidly or struggling to provide effective customer support, here are some reasons to give TalentPop a go: 

Multichannel Support

TalentPop offers an omnichannel solution to help engage customers across multiple fronts. This includes 24-hour agent coverage for live chat, phone support, email management, SMS management, social media engagement, and managing returns and exchanges. Their wellness client, Elix Healing, attests to their versatility, saying, “Not only are the TalentPop agents great at CX, but they’re also great at a lot of other tasks, too!”

Rigorous Vetting

All of TalentPop’s agents are subject to an elaborate four-stage screening process that includes an English and personality test, a comprehensive skill review, live video screening, and a trial phase. With a rapid onboarding timeline of two weeks, TalentPop’s service effortlessly scales with your business. Their home decor client Tumble Living had this to say after collaborating with them — “I’m very impressed – what TalentPop has done in terms of hiring & training is phenomenal.”

TalentPop Tumble Living case study video

Trained Expertise

TalentPop enjoys a 98% agent success rate. Its agents are matched to brands after a careful review of the brand’s business needs and the agent’s qualifications and personality. TalentPop also verifies that agents are familiar with the brand’s processes as well as any tools and software that the business uses. According to their women’s swimwear client Jolyn, “[TalentPop’s] agents fit into our company culture so well – they have such amazing work ethic, which ultimately makes my life easier, and I just feel so grateful to have them here.”

Value for Money

TalentPop’s services are priced attractively, especially when compared to the cost of having in-house agents or working with back office agencies. The company offers you a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the level of support provided. Gobi Heat®, TalentPop’s apparel client offers high praise, saying, “This has been one of our best years for customer service, and we’ve gotten great customer feedback.”

CoalitionTechnologies is proud to be associated with TalentPop, especially given the synergies between our services. While Coalition helps you grow your business, TalentPop helps you sustain that growth with dependable customer support. 

TalentPop Client? Get 50% Off on Coalition Services!

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