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Coalition Technologies Builds a Site For Non-Profit, Lily Sarah Grace

Most of us have heard the saying, “Children are the future.” But the question should be: “What kind of future will our children have?” To help kids with learning disabilities enjoy the same opportunities as their peers, Lily Sarah Grace (LSG) uses art education to improve the comprehension of learning-disabled children. Coalition Technologies is helping LSG brighten the future of these children by providing advice and implementation for website development strategies.

About the Client

Lily Sarah Grace is a non-profit organization that has an interesting namesake, the story of which should sadden anyone who loves children and seeks their best interest. The organization’s name is comprised of the first names of three sisters who perished in a fire as children on Christmas day in 2011.

The girls’ father, Matthew Badger, founded Lily Sarah Grace to honor his daughters’ love for art and to support children with learning disabilities, in and out of the classroom.

Their story touched us deeply, and we resolved to do all we could to promote the organization’s cause: offering grants and training teachers who wish to use art and creative education to improve the overall well-being of learning-disabled children.

What We Suggested

Lily Sarah Grace initially asked us to make minor updates to their old website. However, once we dug into the project, we found the existing code was limiting. So we proposed rebuilding the website on WordPress to facilitate better access to the site for the client and their target audience.

LSG accepted our suggestions. While keeping the look and feel of the original website, we added new site features, including drop down menus, a new Professional Development page, and an updated layout for the Events page. We continue to work on retainer for LSG, and we’ll soon be adding more pages to the website as well as working on a login section just for teachers.

The Biggest Challenge

The primary challenge was trying to understand the previous web developer’s code for the LSG website. Our experienced developers described the code language as, “a patchwork quilt with no pattern.” In fact, the administrator couldn’t even update the site’s text through the admin panel.

To solve the problem, we used Visual Composer to add accessibility to the client side of the site. This naturally helps improve the website’s visitor experience by allowing  the site’s information to be more accessible. For example, we made it easy to update the map on the homepage that shows the number of LSG grants — and the number of students who benefit from the grants — for each state.

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Whether you run a non-profit organization or a billion-dollar corporation, your business’ website will play an important role in telling your story to your prospective clients. If your website is in serious need of development, we can help maximize your online presence with a solution tailored to your organization’s needs.

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