Coalition Technologies Helps Triology Make Smiles Brighter

Poor dental care can do more than make your teeth look dull and yellow instead of pearly and white. According to , bad oral hygiene can also contribute to heart disease, memory problems in seniors, unstable blood sugar levels, and even premature birth.

It’s a laundry list of possible ailments that should make everybody want to brush and floss after meals. But what brand of tooth and gum care products should you choose? The toothpaste aisle at your local supermarket isn’t exactly short on options.

However, a new line of oral care products that were once used only for professional dentistry is now available under the Triology brand. At Coalition Technologies, we’re proudly helping Triology manage their online business to feature its new product launch.    

About the Client

Triology is a trademark of , a company that was created to “research and develop natural solutions to oral and medical problems that are further complicated or ineffectively treated through medicaments, chemically-based or additive-laden products.”

Triology’s dental care solutions are a perfect fit for health-conscious consumers who care deeply about the products they use to clean teeth and gums. To help prove the point, the client sent a selection of Triology products for us to try firsthand. The results were fantastic! Our mouths felt ultra fresh and stayed that way for quite a while.

The health-conscious formulas behind Triology’s products as well as our own experiences using them makes us confident that we’re helping bring products to market that will make a positive difference. So, how are the products being brought to the consumer market? What are the elements that comprise the company’s online business campaign?   

What We Suggested

Triology opted to stay with their BigCommerce platform. So, we recommended migrating their informational website from Joomla to BigCommerce, as well. The client agreed with our assessment and the transition is slated for phase 2 of the project’s development, which is happening as we write.

Additionally, we proposed an SEO campaign to help boost the search engine results position (SERP) of Triology’s web pages. We also suggested building a BigCommerce-friendly database that benefits the performance of the online store. Both measures were approved, and they’ll do a lot to help Triology sell products immediately, as well as gradually increase the customer base to boost future revenue.

The Biggest Challenge

So far, the biggest obstacle for the Triology project has been identifying an appropriate software application for the client’s budget. No single app could offer recurring payments and credit card storage simultaneously. Consequently, we ended up implementing two separate, affordable options that fully address Triology’s needs in these areas.

The decision makers at Triology are pleased with their enhanced, online store, and they’re looking forward to building up the BigCommerce store to improve its operation and results. At the same time, the client is making excellent use of the store’s customer groups to segment target audiences for the business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) markets.

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