Coalition Technologies Illuminates E Lights Direct


has been providing customers with a diverse array of high-quality lighting products for more than four decades, and Coalition Technologies is pleased to be partnered with this influential lighting retailer. E Lights Direct prides itself on offering top-tier customer service, competitive rates, and free shipping, and now they have a brand new site to showcase the many advantages that they offer. Check out E Lights Direct for yourself, and see how Coalition Technologies is assisting them in their effort to bolster their brand and enhance their online presence.

Coalition and E Lights Direct

When E Lights Direct reached out to Coalition Technologies, their need was threefold. The company was seeking a combination of design, development, and SEO improvements — the trifecta of branding and online marketing. We recommended — and ultimately implemented — a theme-based, responsive Bigcommerce website design and development with SEO enhancements. The theme-based design and development has enabled them to take control of their website and easily make updates as needed, while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance that falls perfectly in line with their unique brand. Our list of SEO enhancements included optimizing their full site structure for search engines, with additions that included metadata, HTML and XML sitemaps, URL structuring, and much more.

Furthermore, we suggested that they take a creative control approach to their project design and development to ensure a faster and more budgeted project outcome. This allowed us to build the site that they were looking for while enabling them to easily and effortlessly maintain their day-to-day operations. Now they can easily manage content, inventory changes, and even reporting with complete independence. One of the reasons why we love — and so often recommend — Bigcommerce is because the platform provides a user-friendly content management system that anyone can learn in little time. We look forward to observing how our work benefits E Lights Direct.

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