Coalition Technologies Partners with App to the Rescue

In this mobile generation, apps are big business. From Angry Birds to Shazam, there’s an app for every need, desire and occasion. App to the Rescue specializes in app creation, primarily on behalf of small businesses and nonprofit organizations. They design applications for the iPhone, the Android, and even HTML5, and they pride themselves on their ability to connect businesses with their customers and supporters in the 21st century digital landscape.

App to the Rescue reached out to Coalition Technologies because they need a complete design and development effort for their website within the Shopify platform. This created an exciting challenge for the designers and developers at Coalition, as this was our first full-fledged Shopify project. Though our teams have worked with Shopify for years, it’s not too often that a client requests a full Shopify build. Fortunately, our experts were more than up to the challenge.

Shopify is an all-in-one content management system and shopping cart platform. It’s perfect for businesses like App to the Rescue, because it allows them to easily manage their site content while accepting and tracking payments from customers. Shopify doesn’t require businesses to code their sites or handle custom designs, but customization is still important for businesses that want to set themselves apart from the competition and build their own brand.

Shopify allows for tremendous freedom when it comes to design and development, and so we were able to create and customize every facet of the site: wireframes, custom design mockups, full development. We made suggestions to the client about possible layouts and explained the functionality of the Shopify platform. As we educated them about the inner-workings, benefits and limitations of Shopify, the client provided valuable input that allowed us to create a satisfying result, The finished site accurately reflects the vision of App to the Rescue.

As a result of this successful collaboration, our friends at App to the Rescue are extremely satisfied with the finished product, and even left us a glowing review on the Shopify partner platform. Additionally, they have reached out to us personally to express their satisfaction and gratitude, and that type of feedback is always very rewarding for us.

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