Coalition Technologies Partners with Lakewood & Company

Lakewwod & CompanyLakewood & Company is a private investment firm with a focus on technology and healthcare, and we are pleased to announce the launch of this client’s new website. The Lakewood team makes venture capital and growth equity investments with a unique funding system based on established institutions and high-net-worth families, ensuring a positive experience for everyone involved. We were thrilled to work this firm, and we believe that the comprehensive, sophisticated and simple site design aligns perfectly with Lakewood & Company approach to business.

About Lakewood & Company

Future InvestingLakewood & Company helps dreams to come alive by investing in businesses, primarily on the West Coast. This savvy investment firm focuses on some specific fields in the technology and health care sectors, including mobile technology, cyber security and enterprise IT.  Lakewood & Company also invests in companies associated with research and development, health care IT, medical devices, and life sciences. Combined, the Lakewood team has a substantial amount of diverse operating and investing experience in advanced technology, industry, finance and research and development.

Lakewood Prefers a Hands-On Approach

As a successful investing firm, Lakewood & Company prefers to select potential investments based on other factors besides potential financial gains. While monetary growth and return is certainly ideal, Lakewood & Company seeks out companies that are interested in forming a partnership with experienced knowledgeable professionals. Lakewood & Company is much more than just a financier; it is a firm that puts real effort into making an investment work for everyone involved, using an effective operational approach.

The Vision

We wanted to make a website that is simple and to the point. When it comes to investing, people prefer to have everything clear and right out in the open, and that is what we wanted this site to convey.  We ended up going with a WordPress site that is highly responsive, has a fluid layout, and exudes elegance while still remaining subtle. The minimalist approach ensures that nothing is misinterpreted or lost in translation, which is the cornerstone of any lasting and mutually beneficial business relationship. This website also includes a News section that can be updated by the client, ensuring timely and relevant content is made public as needed.

Response to the Website

As you might assume, communication is the key to a successful web endeavor. We keep an ongoing line of contact open with all of our clients, ensuring that any changes or suggestions can be addressed as needed. Sometimes this back-and-forth can cause delays, but the end result is always worth it. While this project took slightly longer than anticipated, we are pleased to say that Lakewood & Company is happy with the website and business cards we designed, and we are thrilled to have worked with this exceptional investing firm.

Choose Coalition Technologies for Your Web Development Needs

Here at Coalition Technologies, we put our hearts and souls into every project. We understand that every company has its own unique approach, and we work with our clients to ensure that the end result is nothing short of outstanding. Like Lakewood & Company, our job is to make your dreams a reality, so give us a call at (310) 827-3890 today, and we will be happy to schedule a free consultation.

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