Coalition Technologies Partners with Lavishville

Women’s fashion is an ever-changing enterprise, and keeping up with the latest trends can be extremely exhausting. Fortunately, there’s Lavishville. Lavishville is a seller of classy women’s apparel, but unlike many of their competitors, their selection fully reflects the styles of today. When you shop in their online store, you’re guaranteed to find the kinds of clothes and accessories that will turn heads wherever you go.

Whether you need a sleek hi-low dress, an attractive faux-leather jacket, or a dazzling sequined mini-skirt, Lavishville has just what you need. But a great product line needs a great store, and that’s where Coalition Technologies enters the equation.

Lavishville approached Coalition because they wanted to create an eye-catching online store that exudes class, femininity and just a bit of edge. They wanted a clean and light website that would project their brand in a positive manner and show the world that Lavishville isn’t just about clothing. It’s a lifestyle of effortlessly chic fashion.

We listened closely to the client’s needs and conducted extensive design research to ensure that our design team fully understood the vision of Lavishville. We looked at example sites including TopShop and Anthropologie, which evoke the same kinds of emotions that our client wants people to feel when visiting their site.

It quickly became clear that beautiful, high-resolution photos would be an important factor, so we decided to go with wireframes designed to accommodate large photographs. Our friends at Lavishville provided us with incredible photos of models showcasing their fashions, which nicely completed the wireframes, and greatly enhanced the look of the website.

We fully designed their homepage, category pages and product pages, and developed the site using the BigCommerce system. This would allow Lavishville to easily manage their e-commerce store and provide customers with a positive user experience.

From the initial meeting, we knew exactly what the client wanted and were able to execute the project with ease. This allowed us to focus on perfecting minor details such as user experience. In the end, our client was extremely pleased with the look of their website.

If you’d like to see the site for yourself, or perhaps purchase some stylish women’s clothes or accessories, check out Lavishville.com.

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