Coalition Technologies Sets Sail with Island Pursuit

Hoist the sail and mark the map—Coalition Technologies is embarking on a business voyage with Island Pursuit. We’re delighted to announce that we recently started working for Island Pursuit, a nautical-inspired lifestyle brand that sells high-end apparel.

Whether you’re traveling the Seven Seas, relaxing at the beach, teeing off on the green, or simply building the ultimate preppy wardrobe, it’s always smooth sailing at Island Pursuit.

More About the Brand

Island Pursuit was founded by Michael Valentino, a man enthralled by the beach lifestyle. Throughout his life, he lived and traveled in many locations where the outdoor lifestyle resonates, including Florida and Martha’s Vineyard.

An avid water sports enthusiast, Valentino spent his time spent sailing, windsurfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, boating, and, more recently, kiteboarding. These pursuits directly influenced his vision for the company. Drawing from his abundance of diverse life experiences, Valentino decided to start a company that breathes authenticity.

Today, Island Pursuit has six brick-and-mortar retail stores in tourist destinations along the Eastern Seaboard.

Our Work with Island Pursuits

In the fashion world, there are trendsetters and imitators. Island Pursuit is undoubtedly the former. As a retailer of high-end apparel, inventory is everything. Fortunately, Island Pursuit’s selection is unparalleled in its niche, offering stylish garments from respected brands such as  Barbour, Helly Hansen, Quiksilver, Saint-James, TASC, and Prana.

We recognized the importance of image and aesthetic when working with Island Pursuit. After all, this is a high-end retailer of clothing—looks are everything. As you browse the company’s website, you’ll see a level of sophistication and attention to detail that really highlights the essence of this upscale brand. From the tone of our copy to the site’s color scheme, everything about Island Pursuits’ online presence exudes elegance, adventure, and class.

Hire Our Expert Crew Today

Our highly skilled team has helped Island Pursuits to continue thriving and expanding, and we’d be thrilled to do the same for your company. Whether you need a brand new website, SEO optimization, lead generation, or assistance with your next marketing campaign, our experienced team consistently delivers unmatched results.

We encourage you to get in touch so we can create a custom plan to help your business grow. Call us now at 310-928-6472 to talk with one of our helpful experts, or feel free to send us a message and we’ll respond shortly. Embrace a brighter future, and journey to the top with Coalition Technologies.

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