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If you have considered or started using Magento for your business, consider how a Magento SEO firm can help you to dramatically improve your ROI.

Magento is an ideal eCommerce solution for anyone who runs a small company, at-home business, or even large corporation. That’s because Magento doesn’t use a one-size-fits-all approach. The features and capabilities are specially tailored to the size and individuals goals of each business. But one of the best things about Magento is its SEO capabilities. As someone who has managed search engine optimization for small businesses as well as Fortune 500 companies, I have seen how all of the major shopping carts handle SEO, and Magento is one of the best.

Why is SEO Important?

SEO is the means by which businesses compete in the online marketplace. Sure, it’s essential to put out a great product, offer competitive prices and provide excellent customer services, but if your customers can’t find your products in the first place, your business is dead in the water. When a potential customer enters the name of your product or service into a search engine like Google or Bing, you want your site to appear as close to the top of the list as possible. That’s the aim of SEO.

How Can Magento Help?

Magento Commerce features an array of built-in SEO features, which enable you to start ranking right now. Easily create search-friendly headings, site content, title tags, meta descriptions and more, and optimize your photos with custom alt image attributes. But content creation and custom tags are just the tip of the iceberg.

Much of the SEO benefit you’ll receive from Magento requires no work on your part whatsoever. In fact, your Magento site is hard-wired for optimal search friendliness. For instance, Magento’s navigation structure is designed so that each page is properly assembled and categorized for maximum user-friendliness and search engine crawlability. The URLs structure also emphasizes search friendliness, incorporating real keywords and phrases.

For the tech-savvy company, and for all those who want to ensure the maximum advantage, advanced SEO is no problem.  Take full control of your search value with canonical tags, custom XML sitemaps, personalized 404 pages, 301 redirects, microformats and more. Magento Connect, the Magento Extension Marketplace, has enough powerful add-ons and tools to ensure that you can expertly satisfy even the most complex SEO needs.

Tips for Magento SEO

In order to be successful on the SEO front, it’s important to bear in mind that SEO is a proactive process. Even the automated features require some oversight and maintenance, and the engine that you use—whether Magento or any other platform—is only as good as the work you put into it. Your competitors are working hard to optimize their sites, and so you must do the same. That means:

  • Performing highly-targeted keyword research.
  • Creating content that effectively utilizes your target keywords while also appealing to customers.
  • Creating custom title tags, meta descriptions and alt image attributes.
  • Incorporating calls to action in your site content, title tags and meta descriptions.
  • Writing product descriptions that appeal to both consumers and search engines.
  • Regularly testing for onsite problems: slow site speed, 404 errors, broken images, coding errors, duplicate content and more.
  • Link building. Any successful SEO effort requires a healthy collection of high-quality, inbound links.
  • Conducting competition research. If you want to beat your competitors, you need to find out what they’re doing and then do it better.

These are just some of the requirements of any good SEO campaign. Of course, Magento takes much of the manual labor out of the process, but you still need to do your part. That’s why it’s so helpful to hire a Magento SEO firm to help you to get the most from your SEO and marketing efforts.

Why Should I Hire a Magento SEO Firm?

If you want to gain an edge over your competition, you can’t settle for “good enough.” You need the assistance of qualified SEO experts who understand the Google algorithms and who know how to derive the maximum benefit using a multifaceted approach.  A good SEO firm understands the technical as well as the content-related aspects of search engine optimization, and leaves no stone unturned in perfecting your site.

Coalition Technologies is an official Magento partner, and we’re one of the few design and development firms founded by an SEO expert with a proven track record of success with some of the nation’s largest companies. Our full time, Los Angeles-based SEO gurus excel not only in the fundamentals of SEO, but they also have the programming and marketing knowledge necessary to give you the competitive edge that you need.

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If you’re ready to take your business to the next level today, give us a call at 1-310-827-3890. At Coalition Technologies, SEO is our specialty, and we have helped numerous companies to achieve new heights of success. Don’t settle for an inferior Magento SEO firm. Get the qualified SEO partner that you deserve. Call us today for a free quote and learn what Coalition Technologies can do for you.

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