Coalition Warms Up to Heatshield Products

Coalition Warms Up to Heatshield Products

The Coalition team is proud to introduce you to Heatshield Products, one of the newest additions to our client roster. Heatshield Products is a company that produces products designed to solve the common heating problems associated with high-performance vehicles. We’re gearing up to help this niche company get the attention it deserves.

More About Heatshield Products

It’s no secret that high-performance vehicles heat up fast. They often use aftermarket parts that the stock vehicle isn’t equipped to handle, and the logical result is hot components. Mel Heye brings more than 40 years of experience in the automotive industry to the table, and he started his company in 1985 to meet overheating problems head-on.

The company started selling standard thermal insulation and barriers. Today, they’ve expanded to custom designs for automobiles, motorcycles, and heavy duty vehicles. Heatshield Products are recognized for their outstanding quality and attention to detail, and these parts are manufactured right here in the USA.

Team Up with Coalition

We’re excited to help Heatshield Products stay on the road to success, and we can do the same for your brand. Whether you’re a brand new small business or an established corporation, we can implement strategic SEO techniques that grow your customer base and, in turn, your bottom line. Call our friendly experts at (310) 907-5497 or email us for a quote and consultation.

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