Coalition Welcomes HSE

Coalition Welcomes HSE

In the relatively new world of commercial and personal UAVs, Home Surveillance & Electronics (HSE) represents both top-quality performance and customer service. Coalition is thrilled to be working with such an innovative and knowledgeable partner, and we’re confident that their expertise in their product and training will continue to set them apart.

About the Brand

HSE services a wide range of businesses. From personal drones to agricultural and law-enforcement models, HSE provides not only top-quality drones to their customers, but also extensive training developed and provided by experts in their respective fields. The company was founded by Terry Sanders, a former police officer, and Dave Sanders, who brought his background in technology to bear on the challenges facing the budding UAV industry. Drawing from their respective backgrounds, their company has made impressive inroads with a variety of industries including fire and rescue, law enforcement, agriculture, and recreational drones. Coalition is proud to be working with HSE and looks forward to seeing what our collaboration brings.

The Coalition Advantage

If you would like to know more about Coalition Technologies and our services, call us at (310) 827-3890 or email to schedule a free consultation. Like the folks at HSE, we bring our collective expertise in SEO, web design, and digital branding to bear on the unique challenges facing each client, tailoring our efforts to bring out your business’ unique strengths. Reach out to us today!

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