Coalition’s Newest Partner: i-SENS

Coalition’s Newest Partner: i-SENS

We couldn’t be happier to announce our new partnership with i-SENS, a company that provides crucial support to diabetics with their line of glucose monitors, lancets and other medical apparel. i-SENS has been growing steadily and making its mark in the medical field for almost two decades, and Coalition Technologies is proud to be the firm they’ve chosen to grow along with them.

About the Brand

i-SENS has a U.S. headquarters located in Torrance, California, but the brand has its roots in South Korea. They’ve been establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the healthcare market since their founding in 2000, and they have since expanded their ties to 110 countries. Just this year, i-SENS became a member of the International Diabetes Foundation, a coalition that advocates for diabetics and the companies that create care materials for them all across the globe.

While diabetic care isn’t necessarily a known quantity to the general public when it comes to a branding perspective, the numbers don’t lie: i-SENS boasts of producing 1 billion individual testing strips a year. Diabetic care is one of those rare corners of industry that can be classified as a “niche market” while still affecting the lives of millions around the world. We’re happy to be able to further i-SENS’s vision of making these products that much better for everyone.

You Can Join Coalition, Too

At Coalition Technologies, our portfolio is filled with both new and established businesses. No matter what your range of experience or the scope of your market, our custom-made SEO strategies will be crafted to the needs of your brand, and yours alone. You can expect nothing but high-quality, personable marketing services from Coalition Technologies.

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