Components of an SEO Optimized Site

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Having a website that is well-configured for search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for any serious business looking to have a healthy customer base. A site’s SEO allows the website to be found by search engines and thus potential customers when they are looking for a product. How do you optimize for search engines today? What are search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing looking for? The overarching trend that influential search engines like Google are heading for is this: search engines want to direct their users to websites that are useful and interesting, not websites that are looking to game the search algorithms and attract as much traffic as possible.

Here are 8 components that your SEO website Los Angeles operation can benefit from.

1. Your Website Has Layers

Think of your website as a cake. Yes, all of your search engine marketing, paid search, links, and social media activity help to bring in traffic, but they should be thought of as the icing. Without a solid base underneath, there is no cake to enjoy. The base, the cake itself is the content, organization, information, and infrastructure that comprises the website itself. Tending to your actual website benefits your SEO efforts in the end and provides something substantial for your visitors to enjoy when they actually get to your site.

2. What are Search Engines Looking For?

Search engines want to direct their users to quality sites that provide what they are looking for. Gear your SEO website Los Angeles operation towards quality content, performance, dependability, and positive user experiences. Text, titles, and descriptions on your site should be consistent with your general theme. Your site should run fast and work for users. Your content should be good enough for others to link to, or for other authoritative sites to reference. Finally, aim for a low bounce rate: your site should look good and be easy to navigate for users.

3. What Will Turn Away Search Engines?

There are certain things to avoid since search engine algorithms have gotten better at getting around these tricks. You can even be penalized for engaging in some of these things. Don’t stuff your pages with keywords. Appropriate and even application of keywords is best. Also, don’t buy links. Google’s Panda and Penguin updates were specifically formulated to combat these tactics. Finally, don’t fill your site with annoying ads. Remember to pay attention to your user experience and get that bounce rate as low as possible.

4. Think About Your Business Model

When you are optimizing your website, think about your SEO website Los Angeles aims. What kinds of conversions are you trying to achieve? Are you looking to get views and clicks? Are you selling physical products?

5. Diversify Your Marketing Efforts

Take advantage of as many marketing channels as you can. A broad effort that targets multiple avenues will bring in more traffic. Make sure you have a solid presence on social media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Engage in email marketing campaigns, and don’t forget traditional marketing methods like radio and TV ads. Every little bit helps.

6. Pay Attention to Your Domain Names

There are several domain practices that are more conducive to favorable search engine results. For example, it is better to use sub-directory root domains: ( Also should redirect to, or the search engine will see two websites, which could hurt your inbound links. Old domains are good for SEO, but make sure the old domain doesn’t have a bad history or was penalized in some way. Finally, it always helps to have keywords in your URL.

7. Optimize for Various Results

You should optimize your website for viewing on numerous devices. On top of a desktop version, you should have mobile and tablet versions of your website so you can bring in more viewers. Design features like responsive design can benefit your SEO website Los Angeles efforts. Also, rich media content like videos and images helps to get you first page rankings, but be sure you optimize any file names, descriptions, tags, and captions for search engines to see.

8. Don’t Forget Meta Data

Title tags and meta descriptions are seen by search engines and web surfers alike. You should optimize these with keywords and they should attract any potential readers to come to your page. Just make sure each tag and description is unique.

Maximize Your SEO

Coalition Technologies has extensive experience running SEO campaigns for businesses large and small, with great success. Our SEO website Los Angeles services can establish you on top general search rankings and even on local searches for your Los Angeles company. We implement these SEO components faithfully with every campaign, and utilize other cutting edge methods to ensure our clients beat out the competition. Give us a call today at 1-888-652-0637 and get your free quote.

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