Custom Web Design, Partnered with Georgetown University

Nursing License Map screenshotNursing License Map
Nursing License Map.com is a basic, informational website for men and women in the nursing field. Right from the get go, the site leads potential Master’s nurses through three steps: determine a program interest, select current level(s) of education, and then fill out a contact form for someone at Georgetown to send information to them. As a development partner with 2tor Inc. and Georgetown’s Nursing Program, Coalition helps to completely gear Nursing License Map towards helping people achieve their nursing education goals. Helpful items like the Nursing License Map (of course), a list of state salary averages, a FAQ section, and a featured blog make this a huge resource for nurses all over the country. Coalition Technologies’ role in the Nursing License Map website was developmental. The design’s structure is rooted in WordPress.com, a useful tool for open source blogging and content management. With social media currently working as a driving promotional resource for many businesses and non-profits alike, it’s very important for an organization like Nursing @ Georgetown to use social media tactics to be able to educate a broad, nation-wide audience. Facebook and Twitter continue to give this website the social traction it needs by being frequently located throughout NursingLicenseMap.com. Coalition has learned the ins and outs, as well as the coding it takes to create a really attractive website that makes people engage with the material and want to respond to it in a positive way.

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