Digital Marketing Agency in LA Uses Safe SEO Tactics

Coalition Technologies, a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company located in Los Angeles, California, uses safe, white hat SEO techniques. We strive to be fully compliant with all major search engine guidelines, and are careful to use methodologies that allow us to be future-ready for algorithm changes. This approach significantly reduces the risk of consumers wondering about the legitimacy of your online business. Consistently we demonstrate that we’re the most capable digital agency on the West Coast because of our R&D tactics, data driven campaigns, and creative forward thinking.  By blending digital arts with leading edge marketing techniques and business analysis, our outcomes make our customers successful. Photo of SEO

The fact of the matter is this: the naturally cultivated growth that search engine optimization promotes is much more beneficial to a business’ online presence than forcing its way into fame. Getting to Google’s top ranking can be great, but usually short lived if you’re pushed there overnight. Google’s crawlers are always scanning and compiling data to provide more  relevant, better quality rankings. If your site and SEO tactics are flagged after being reviewed, then you’re likely to find yourself banished to the dirty backwaters of low ranking.

Search Engine Land, a well respected SEO site, recently published data showing that consumers put a high degree of trust in organic rankings, much higher than nearly all other advertising sources. Because of that high degree of trust, more and more businesses are pursuing top ranking for their industry. Many small businesses know that if they don’t rank, their competitor is likely to capture the attention of their consumers and have the best opportunity to sell them.

For many of our agency’s clients, search engine ranking has become a major component of their business growth. One such client, TruConnect, entered a crowded marketplace in the spring of 2011. Their primary competitors were brands like T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon. Because of Coalition’s powerful SEO and PPC strategies, TruConnect has been able to successfully carve out space among these major brands and seen a 770% growth in revenue.

TruConnect Screenshot

TruConnect is an excellent example of why businesses continually trust us to organically grow their businesses. They know that Coalition Technologies is the best value when it comes to using SEO to further their business objectives. We are a creative, internet marketing agency that will build up your authority online to put you at the very top of search engine’s rankings and give you the most return on your investment.

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