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For many doctors with their own private practices, running a successful practice seems more difficult today than it has ever been. In today’s tough economy, competition for clients is especially important as existing clients cut back on various health services to save money. Meanwhile you have expenses like supply purchases and staff pay to balance out with keeping your practice afloat. We’d like to propose getting yourself up to speed with the latest in SEO or “search engine optimization” techniques in order to make your practice more visible on search engines and increase your client base.

SEO Basics

SEO for doctorsA search engine like Google brings up over a billion search results a day from people around the world. Sure you can bring in new clients with traditional marketing, word of mouth and networking. However the amount of clients you bring in that way will be nowhere near what you will see coming in from search engines. Everyone uses search engines like Google now to find what they are looking for. Search engines are the key to building your client base in the 21st century.

When someone puts in a search for a doctor’s services, such as the phrase “doctors in Los Angeles” or “certified family physician”, they are going to get a couple of sponsored results and then results for 10 websites of doctors on the first page. The problem is that you are going to be competing with hundreds of other doctors to reach that front page. Most users never venture past the first page unless they are looking for something very specific. Add to that fact that everyone is trying to figure out the best SEO techniques – since SEO marketing is the biggest game in town – and you’re going to find yourself with some stiff competition. That’s why getting the help of a knowledgeable professional is so important when it comes to SEO marketing.

Choosing the Right SEO Company

SEO marketing is huge in today’s information economy and there is no shortage of SEO companies out there that are looking to help. However not all of these companies have the expertise it takes to both employ the most effective SEO techniques and understand the specific needs of doctors looking for web exposure. Consider the following criteria for choosing an SEO company capable of giving you the most effective SEO campaign:

1) The company should understand how to optimize SEO for regional and local listings. Many SEO professionals concentrate their efforts on general Google rankings without targeting individual cities and regions.

2) The company must have a basic understanding of doctors’ practices in order to target the right audience with optimal keywords.

3) SEO companies not only have to demonstrate a solid understanding of SEO techniques, they have to possess a formidable set of marketing skills. Now search engines include user experience as an important metric in their search algorithms. That means your website itself must feature excellent, user-friendly copy that allows visitors to find what they need and remain on your site.

SEO for Regional and Local Listings

At Coalition Technologies, we are experts at optimizing our clients’ websites for local searches. We use cutting-edge techniques like citation building, long-tail keyword optimization, and the maximum utilization of Google’s local business listings. We perform localized and targeted link-building and we focus our marketing efforts on your specific region.

We know about the types of searches that are going to bring clients to your practice. For example, if you run your practice in Santa Monica, California, you may have clients driving in from Venice Beach, Malibu and Culver City. We also know that oftentimes clients will schedule appointments close to their work. We offer comprehensive keyword targeting, as well as local and region-based targeting of all your potential clients.

Understanding Your Practice

doctors seoCoalition Technologies works closely with doctors to understand their practice and their clients. We monitor search trends on a regular basis and optimize your website accordingly. If you are looking to optimize your site for a Los Angeles-based practice, we can target keywords beyond “Los Angeles doctor” or “Los Angeles physician”. We want to bring in users typing everything from “Los Angeles physicals” to “Hollywood pediatrics”.

We want to understand the unique needs of your own business. What do you want to achieve with your practice? What do you specialize in? What sorts of clients do you want to draw in? We use everything we can to tailor the best possible SEO campaign possible.

Savvy Marketing

Search engines like Google are now focusing on user-centric indicators, for example an indicator called the bounce rate. The bounce rate is calculated by measuring the frequency with which users leave your site right away without exploring. Search engines will also track how long users stay on your website and whether they keep coming back in order to measure the user experience.

In order to keep the bounce rate low and the user experience optimal, we fine-tune your website to appeal to your target audience. We want to give you well-written pages that will keep your readers’ attention, keeping them on your pages longer, which not only increases chances of acquiring a client, but improves search engine results for your web page.

Give Us a Call

Coalition Technologies is based in Los Angeles, but we offer our services to doctors far beyond L.A. If you’d like to learn more about our superior SEO services and their potential to bring in plenty of clients, give us a call at 1-310-827-3890 to receive a free quote.



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