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Another major site took a big dive thanks to Google action against it. This time it was the major South American travel site www.Decolar.com.

These aren’t small fish companies that are taking the drubbing. JC Penney was big news earlier when they got caught for cheating their way through the holiday season. Of course, their SEO ended up out in the cold, but not before raking in a healthy pile of dough. The latest ‘Panda’ update to Google’s search algorithm busted a lot of people who were content farming- basically using someone’s else’s material to bait visits to their site and raise search relevance. Now Decolar goes down for violating Google Webmaster Guidelines.

These companies likely have the money to bounce back from the very firm rap on the head that they’ve received. But what about a small ecommerce site, or brochure site for a professional? Maybe not.

There is a reason that Google says don’t hire people who guarantee numbers and rankings. Because Google is always looking to find a way to ensure only the best quality sites are ranking, anyone who offers a guarantee is probably playing in a gray area.

Big jumps in links to your site that don’t appear to be related to your content are easy to spot. Other violations are as well.

The problem is that if you trade a one month bump, only to be gone for the next year, it probably means game over.

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