dynamic remarketing code in volusion

Dynamic Remarketing Code in Volusion

While many companies already know about remarketing ads, ads which focus on consumers who have already visited their website or used their mobile app, there is now a new innovation released from Google: dynamic remarketing.

Personalized Content

Dynamic remarketing allows advertisers to target consumers in a more personalized way than with just their website. Using tags to create a history of the items a consumer viewed or purchased, as well as a list of related items, dynamic remarketing can show consumers products that are related to their search history and demographics.

You can target consumers who visited your site without converting and follow up with users who already bought items and are favorably predisposed to your brand. Remind them of items they were considering before, or items they decided not to purchase.

Why You Should Go Dynamic

With regular remarketing, which is connected to Analytics, you can only rely on an audience definition based on the metrics available to you when you enable Advertising Features in Google Analytics. These metrics include attributes like age, gender, session behavior, and interest.

In order to capitalize on this information effectively, use dynamic remarketing to update your page tags with other attributes, like origin and destination information or IDs of products that users interact with on a retail site, to further refine your target.

What You Need

To use Google’s dynamic remarketing tool, you’ll need to enable remarketing and advertising reporting in Google Analytics, link your AdWords and Analytics accounts and link your Merchant Center and AdWords accounts.

Start using dynamic remarketing to track consumers and get more conversions.

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